What cheese tools do you need

Whether you are shopping for a cheese gift for a loved one or you want to make sure that you have all you need for that fancy cheese platter, it’s important to understand the different cheese tools. Cheese is not simply a delicious treat that should be eaten any which way. Different types of cheese require different cutting and serving tools to ensure that they look at taste just right. Here are some of the essential tools you will need when serving cheese.

Cutting boards

No matter the type of cheese you are serving, cutting boards are the most important of all cheese tools. The last thing you want is for your guests to end up cutting cheese on the table. You should set each type of cheese on its own cutting board to ensure that they are properly separated and to keep the flavours separate too.


A roller is much like a cutting board and knife combined. These are great for medium-firm to semi-soft types of cheese. This tool is excellent for cutting the precise thickness you like. The cheese is cut with a sharp wire as opposed to a regular knife. Over time, cheese can build up on the wire and it should be cleaned regularly to ensure a perfect slice every time.

Cheese planes

These cheese tools look a lot like spatulas and you will notice a slicing slot. They are best suited for medium-firm cheeses and they are excellent if you want to cut thicker slices. This tool is also great if you need to slice several pieces quickly.

Spreading knives

When it comes to soft cheeses, the best cheese tools to include are spreading knives. You should set aside at least one knife for each type of cheese and make sure that they are kept separately on the table. This will help prevent your guests from mixing up the knives. Keep the bread and crackers nearby for easy access and, remember, these knives have holes to prevent the cheese from sticking to the knife. Shorter, wider knives with a pointed tip are great for hard cheeses so, when choosing knives, consider the type of cheese you are serving.

When choosing the right cheese tools, you are making it easier for your guests to enjoy the cheese without struggling to serve themselves. When something proves too difficult, your guests are far less likely to go back for more. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a cheese lover, keep these serving tool tips in mind and look for hampers that include something practical.