Simple steps for arranging flowers like a pro

You don’t have to be a professional florist if you want to arrange flowers like a pro! With the right tools and these tips, you too can make the most of every bouquet of flower that you receive. Here are some easy steps that you can apply to every flower delivery.

Prepare your materials

Start by preparing everything you need. This includes a sharp pair of scissors, a suitable vase, flower preserve, fresh water, and your flowers.

Prepare each stem

You will now need to prepare your stems by removing any lower leaves so that you don’t have anything other than the stems in the vase water. This will help your flowers last longer. You will also need to measure and cut each stem. They need to be cut according to the height of the vase. You should also cut the stems at an angle so that they can absorb water and nutrients with ease.

Fill the vase

While you prepare your vase, you should leave your flowers in some fresh water so that they don’t dry out. This will give you enough time to fill the vase with fresh water and allow the flower food to dissolve completely. Follow the instructions on the flower preserve package and remember that you only need to fill the vase to the halfway mark.

Arrange your flowers

When placing your flowers and foliage in the vase, you should start with the outer rim. In other words, you can begin with some foliage. Place some leaves in the vase and make sure that the stems criss-cross one another. Don’t overdo it with the foliage. You still need space for flowers. Add the flowers in the same way and make sure that you space each type of flower out properly so that you don’t create clusters of colour or texture. You can finish the arrangement by adding a 3 to 5 stems in the middle. This way, the bouquet will be beautifully balanced and rounded.

Flower Care

Replace the water every few days and top up in between when necessary. Trim the stems when bacterial growth starts to take over the base of the stem. Remove flowers and foliage as soon as they start to wilt.