Should you display plants in your office?

If you want to spruce up your office but you’re not sure how, why not add a few potted plants? A plant can make all the difference for you, your employees and even your customers. If you are still not sure whether or not you should buy an office plant, here are some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy.

Aesthetic appeal

Top of the list has got to be the beauty that potted plants bring to the office. The colour green is very soothing and you don’t even need the plant to produce flowers. If you do choose one that blooms, you can still enjoy its lush green leaves during the dormant phase. It will make those annual blooms that much more fascinating to behold!

Mental boost

As mentioned above, the colour green is soothing. Studies have shown that green bedrooms are best for school children and teens. This colour creates a productive learning environment and it can be equally beneficial in the workplace. Employees are expected to work harder than ever these days and it can be particularly draining. A touch of nature is just what everyone needs to give them the mental boost that will help them excel even further.

Improve air quality

Different plants remove different impurities from the air. This is why it’s great to add a variety if possible. Each plant will absorb different toxins and there might even be some overlap between them. Cleaner air is great for your employees since they spend most of their day at the office. Healthy employees are more productive and cost effective. When your staff are regularly out sick, it can take a toll on your business in many ways. Before choosing a plant or two, remember to take note of the toxins that they are known to absorb and make your selection accordingly.

Types of plants

Apart from considering the air quality point mentioned above, it’s also essential that you choose plants that will thrive in your office environment. While one type of plant will need plenty of light, others do not. Take a moment to consider where you would like to display the plant and then make your choice according to the environmental conditions. If you are looking for something beautiful that will not require too much care, remember that succulents and cacti are always winners!

There you have it! A few reasons why you should include potted plants as part of your office décor. Remember, you don’t have to add them to every corner of every room. You can start by experimenting with just one or two and expand your collection every few months or so. Be sure to keep them away from air conditioners and heat sources or they could perish no matter how well you tend to them.