Rustic arrangements for winter

Winter might not be associated with some of your favourite flowers but this does not mean that you cannot enjoy fabulous flower arrangements during these colder months. There are a number of ways to embrace the natural winter beauty if you know where to look for inspiration.

You can embrace nature by including these elements:

  • Pine cones and miniature ones can be used as they are or spray painted.
  • Berries can be used to add colour and texture (be careful of toxic varieties).
  • Branches can give your arrangement height as well as texture.
  • Greenery like mistletoe and holly are popular especially around the holidays.
  • Fruit like oranges, pears, and apples.

Muted flowers for rustic style

If you want a more rustic look to your winter arrangements, you should follow nature’s lead. In other words, look around at the colours found in your yard and immediate surroundings. During winter, colours like white, dark green, deep red, and brown are common. Some of the best flowers to use when you want these colours include roses, amaryllis, camellias, tulips, carnations, orchids, poinsettias, and snowdrops. Baby’s breath, evergreen branches, eucalyptus leaves, thistles, and also winter heather are popular in winter flower arrangements.

You can also make winter arrangements without any flowers at all. Consider these options:

  • Three branches of different lengths.
  • A garland with bows and ribbons.
  • Pomanders decorated with various types of berries.
  • A green wreath with berries and pine cones.
  • Topiaries consisting of round Christmas ornaments and green accents.
  • Pressed leaves and dried flowers used in various floral crafts.

The right containers

Winter is also associated with heavier fabrics and materials. You can express this in your winter displays by including a bronze of brass-coloured container. Buckets, stone containers, and anything with that natural wood or bark-like appearance. Think about the materials offered by nature when creating your winter flower arrangements.