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Phlebodium plant care and advice

If you buy a Phlebodium for yourself or you receive one as a gift, it’s important to make sure that you understand what these plants need. Here are some essential Phlebodium plant care tips that will help this plant thrive. Not too much sun One of the most importanat parts of Phlebodium plant care is […]

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Gardening tips for the month of January

During one of the coldest months of the year, many people believe that there is little to nothing that needs doing outside the home. This is not necessarily the case, however. Here are some important gardening tips for the month of January. Not only are they perfect for this time of year, but they will […]

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Outdoor plants for yourself and your loved ones

Whether you want to treat yourself or a loved one to a special gift, it’s always worth considering outdoor plants. Not only are these plants perfect for sprucing up the exterior of the home, but they are also delivered in beautiful planters that you can continue to use even if the current plant outgrows its […]

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Camellia plant and flower facts

When choosing a new plant for your home or even when sending a potted plant as a gift, it’s good to make sure that you learn as much about the plant as possible. The camellia plant is a popular addition in many homes because of its gorgeous blooms and the fact that it has just […]

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Plant care advice for the winter months

Winter can prove particularly harsh for various types of plants. Especially if you grow plants that do not naturally grow in your area. If, for example, you have potted plants that are known to grow in semi-tropical or even tropical environments, now is the time to take action and make sure that they are not […]

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Making Your Cut Zinnias Last Longer

As the summer arrives, your zinnias should start to bloom.  Your garden will be bursting with colour and you are likely to be tempted to trim off those beautiful blooms, pop them in a vase and set it on your living room table.  For those who aren’t lucky enough to have zinnias growing in their […]

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Colours and Flowers for your Autumn wedding

Autumn is a brilliant season for trees and flowers. You get so many colours as the growing season comes to a close. Autumn is one of the most popular choices for a wedding because of the fantastic colours nature gives us. In this world nature is ablaze in all its glory in the Autumn months […]

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Superb romantic summer flowers

Do you want to spoil your spouse, partner or somebody special with romantic flowers this season? If you are not sure about the best types of romantic summer flowers to send, you will find a great list of beautiful options below. Roses Roses are by far one of the most popular of all romantic summer […]

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