Hygge flower décor for your home

Hygge is a Danish concept about appreciating the simple things in life such as togetherness, happiness and that wonderful cosy feeling. When you want to give your home that hygge feel, there are a few basic areas on which you will need to concentrate. Hygge flower décor is one way of helping achieve this peaceful atmosphere.


When choosing a hygge flower décor colour scheme, you want to look for neutral colours. Some basic colours include creams, browns and you can even include soothing shades of blue, mauve and dusty pinks. These colours are very relaxing and even the colours on the cooler side of the spectrum have a soothing effect on the mind. Avoid bright colours that can prove overwhelming.


Keep everything as comfortable as possible. In other words, make sure that the flow of the room does not have you weaving from left to right just to take a seat in your favourite chair. Remove any clutter and make sure that you don’t overdo it with things like throw cushions. Something similar can be said for hygge flower décor. Keep it simple and modest. You don’t want your flowers to take over the room.


Rely on natural lighting as much as possible. At night, use soft, warm lights instead of bright cool lights. Warm lights have a yellow tone to them whereas cool lighting is more on the blue side. You could also use neutral lighting that is neither cool nor warm but make sure that your lights are not too bright. While you may need bright lighting in your bathroom or kitchen, you always want an alternative soft light too. Just in case you want to relax in the room like when you enjoy a soak in the tub. You can also use candles when you are in the room. Pair them with your hygge flower décor and you are all set!


Rich textures that contrast one another is another winning element of hygge style. Consider adding a woven basket or detailed wooden coffee table to the room for example. You can also add various textures to your flower arrangements. Some blooms are smooth while others have ruffles. It’s these contrasting textures that make the bouquet even more appealing.

Now, with all of these hygge flower décor and home styling tips, you are all set to make your home the cosiest on the block this autumn! It will prove to be your ultimate sanctuary after a long day at work and when the weather outside is not all that friendly as winter approaches.