Flowers in movies

Flowers play such an important role in our daily lives that we even see them used on the big and small screens! Hollywood is known for adding small details here and there, including flowers. For many movie and TV lovers, their fresh flowers take on a whole new meaning thanks to their use in films.

The red rose in Beauty and the Beast is most likely one of the most iconic flowers of any film. Not only does the flower possess magical properties but it also gives the audience a way of measuring time during the film. Whether in an animated version or one with live actors on a stage, the rose in this story plays an essential role.

In the Wizard of Oz, Judy Garland portrayed Dorothy in the most delightful way. Her performance is one that will be celebrated for many years to come. During this film, Dorothy is found sleeping in a field of beautiful scarlet poppies. These flowers are commonly associated with peace and sleep which makes this scene especially fitting.

In Tim Burton’s Big Fish, Edward plants a field of daffodils for Sandra. These flowers are used to show Sandra, and the audience, how much Edward loves her. The sight is quite spectacular and one of the most impressive scenes in this movie.

The Great Gatsby is a true classic. Both in written and screen form, this story has enjoyed massive worldwide success. Even the more modern film version managed to stir up magnificent enthusiasm from just about all ages! There is a great use of flowers in this film but the most interesting of all is their use through the character, Daisy. Daisies are associated with purity and often known as being somewhat fragile. The movie deals with themes such as life and death which is beautifully emphasized through the use of fresh flowers.

So, the next time you watch a movie, take note of any flowers used in the various scenes. After some quick research, it will be come clear how the types of flowers are specifically chosen to coincide with the message in the film!