Flower colours for an elegant evening

If you want to host an evening of elegance, you need the right décor. The right flower colours can certainly help set the tone for such an evening. Here are some of the top colours and colour combinations you should consider.


Pure white flowers are the perfect choice when you want to keep it simple. Of all the flower colours available, you will find that white blooms are the easiest to come by. More flowers are available in white than in any other colour. Some top choices include roses, lilies, carnations, tulips and chrysanthemums.


Pure white will create a striking display. However, if you are looking for flower colours that are more gentle, you should consider off-white or beige blooms. Off-white roses, for instance, are extremely elegant and they can be paired with a number of sparkling accessories.


If you are looking for flower colours that will stand out and make a grand statement, then red is the top choice. Red roses, carnations or tulips are all superb choices for an elegant evening. They are even more appropriate if you are planning a private and romantic dinner for two.


While flower colours are important in every bouquet, this does not mean that foliage does not play an important role. For example, when you accompany flowers with lush foliage, you can be sure that they will stand out even more.


Apart from choosing flower colours and the right foliage, you should also consider accessories. Something with a little bit of glitter will always make your bouquet that much more elegant. Some silver or gold flower picks or even spray painted sticks are all great ideas.

Now that you know which flower colours will create the most elegant flower arrangement, all you need to do is find a bouquet that fits this criteria. This should not be difficult, especially during the holiday season since white and red are two of the most popular colours. Lush foliage is also readily available and your florist should have various dark leaves from which you can choose.