Enjoying Valentine’s Day as a family

Valentine’s Day is often associated with romance but many families have decided to change this tradition just a little bit to include their children. So, instead of a romantic occasion, this day is all about love and the love they share as a family. This is particularly lovely since smaller children often enjoy the idea of hearts, chocolates and flowers but it’s not like they can celebrate this occasion with others their age. To help them feel included, here are some ways that you can make sure that they enjoy this day as much as you do!

Baking up a storm

If your child or children enjoy baking, then there is nothing quite like getting a little messy and sticky together in the kitchen! Depending on their age and abilities, you can have them operate the mixer, roll out the biscuit dough, press forms and even help a little with the clean up. Once your Valentine’s Day treats are all baked and cooled, you can let them give you a hand decorating too!

Card creations

Just because they are your children does not mean that you cannot write a special note just for them! And they can do the same for you this Valentine’s Day. Express how special they are and how much you care in your card. Home made cards are the best because they can decorate it as they see fit and it will keep them busy if you have any other chores to take care of.

Child-friendly crafts

Apart from making special cards, there are a number of fantastic crafts that the kids can enjoy as well. They can cut out hearts and cupids, for example. They can even make a painting or two. Let them choose a craft and help by providing them with a bit of inspiration. Then let them express themselves by creating a beautiful Valentine’s Day work of art!

Dinner or a picnic

Whether you are planning a dinner at home, at a restaurant or even a picnic indoors, you can let everyone enjoy the delicious food this Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t take much and all you have to do is set an extra place or two.

There you have it! Great ways of including your children this Valentine’s Day and making it a real family affair. You can include other fun traditions like having everyone wear something red, doing your nails together and so on. Think about what each family member enjoys and try to include something for everyone.