Common Terrarium Care Mistakes

Terrariums are very easy to care for and it’s so rewarding to watch your own mini garden grow. Of course, mistakes can be made and here are some of the most common mistakes of all.


Too much light will basically roast your terrarium plants. All plants require some amount of light in order to grow but direct light falling on your terrarium is often too much for these plants. Temperatures inside the terrarium will rise quickly which is why you should avoid harsh direct sunlight. Choose a spot where your terrarium will receive some morning sun.

Radiators and heat sources

During the colder months, you want to keep your terrarium as far away from sources of heat as possible. The glass in which your plant is housed tends to encourage warmer temperatures inside the jar. So, if the glass is heated by a burning fire or radiator, it can cause temperatures inside the terrarium to increase dramatically.


Failing to prune your plants will result in an unsightly plant or it could even outgrow its home. It’s not only about pruning the upper parts of the plant but the roots as well. You do not want any part of the plant to touch the glass.

Dying plants

If any of your plants start to perish or if you notice dead leaves, you should remove them right away. Apart from being unsightly, they can also affect the health of the rest of the plants.

Glass cleaning

Dust and dirt are bound to take their toll on the glass jar. Rather than allowing this dirt to accumulate, you should clean the glass with a lint-free cloth or newspaper. Do not use chemicals since they can kill your plants.


Too much and too little water can be the death of your terrarium plants. Instead of watering with a cup or straight from the tap, you can use a spray bottle. This will help ensure that you water your plants just enough. Make sure that the top soil of your terrarium is dry before watering again.

Remember to always find out what type of plant or plants will be included when buying a terrarium. Each type of plant enjoys different conditions. Understanding the needs of the plant will help you choose the best spot and care routine for your terrarium.