Fresh flowers and the right vase for each

When you receive a bouquet of fresh flowers, it’s important to understand exactly how each type of flower suits a different type of vase. The size and shape of each vase caters to different blooms in a special and unique way. If you are not sure what type of vase you should use, here are some tips.


Roses are one of the most popular of all flowers. These blooms are best displayed in trumpet-shaped or vintage cut vases. Fit and flare vases are also perfect for roses because they are smaller at the base and they widen towards the top. They narrow around the neck and flare out again.


Tulips look best in tall or short cylinder vases. You will need to trim them according to the height of the vase. Alternatively, you could use a tall square vase. If any of the stems are damaged, you can cut them even shorter and use small vases to create bud flower arrangements.


These fresh flowers are gorgeous and you only need a few stems to create a superb display. A pedestal vase will give your bouquet an even more refined appearance. A vintage cut vase will suit these blooms too or, if you want a shorter display you could chose a bubble vase.


These fresh flowers are known for having tall stems and large blooms. You can use a tall cylinder for a clean display. Alternatively, for the rustic look, you could use a galvanized pot. Mason jars also make fantastic vases for sunflowers.


These are one of the most popular of all fresh flowers and they have amazing potential if displayed in the right vase. Top options include vintage cut vases and mason jars. For smaller displays, you can use a bud vase.


There are various types of lilies from which to choose and they each offer something special. To get the most out of these fresh flowers, you should display them in a tall square vase, bubble vase or fit and flare vase.

With these fantastic vase ideas for fresh flowers, you can make the most of your blooms every time. No matter the type of vase you choose, remember that you should always trim the stems according to the height of the vase and tend to your flowers regularly to keep them fresh and happy.