Can you send Mother’s Day flowers to hospitals?

For the most part, we often imagine celebrating Mother’s Day at home or at a nice restaurant. We imagine showering mum with gifts and plenty of attention. What about mothers who have just welcomed their little ones into this world? What about mothers who are spending their first Mother’s Day in hospital? How can you spoil your partner or spouse without breaking hospital rules?

Firstly, it will depend on the hospital and the area in which your partner or spouse is recovering. In most wards of most hospitals, the maternity patients are permitted to receive fresh flowers. There might be some conditions or certain flowers that are not allowed so make sure that you ask first. If, for whatever reason, mum is recovering in a more sterile environment like ICU, you might not be allowed to take anything inside – especially flowers. This is because flowers and gifts present a risk of contamination and infection. You might think that you are doing her a favour by brightening up her room, but you could be doing more harm than you realise.

Secondly, if you are permitted to deliver flowers to the new mum, you might want to avoid flowers with light pollen. These types of flowers spread there spores through the air which means that they can affect somebody’s allergies. Flowers with heavy pollen rely on insects for pollination and they are a better choice. Roses are a great example as well as some lilies. Roses don’t generally make a mess all over the table below but lilies might. If you want to avoid this, have your florist remove the pollen before you take delivery of the flowers. This is also ideal since you are playing it really safe. Make sure that the flowers don’t have a very strong scent either. Strong smells might not make a new mother feel particularly pleasant and if you know that she suffers from headaches, a strong smelling bunch of flowers can be quite overpowering.

Finally, if you are thinking about spoiling mum with something tasty, you will need to check with her doctor. For the most part, a new mother’s diet is determined by the foods that are best for baby. However, in the event of a c-section, her diet might me limited even further until the doctor gives her the all clear. Things like alcohol, caffeine and chocolate might not be best for mum and it’s best to avoid temptation. Discuss her diet with her doctor and choose a gift accordingly.

So, with all of this in mind, remember that the best gift of all is the arrival of your new baby. Spend some time with the new mother and take all of her necessities along too. So, if she has a favourite book, pair of slippers, or anything that she hardly goes a day without, make sure that she has it while she is recovering in hospital. Again, depending on where she is recovering, you will need to confirm with the medical staff if you are allowed to bring these items to her.