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Christmas plants for friends and loved ones
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Christmas plants make excellent gifts for loved ones and friends alike. With so many plants from which to choose, you may not know which ones will suit each recipient best. Here are a few excellent festive ideas to make them smile this winter.


These Christmas plants are one of the most popular choices as gifts for the holidays. They have a festive appearance and they look simply amazing no matter where you choose to put them on display. The lush green leaves create the perfect backdrop for the red ‘flowers’ and these plants will look fantastic for the duration of the holiday season. They do not normally survive for a second season which is good news for anyone who simply wants a plant for the holidays rather than a permanent feature.


Roses make excellent Christmas plants. Especially when you choose a red variety. These plants are often planted in a decorative planter or wrapped for the occasion. They may even come paired with additional gifts like a bottle of wine, chocolates, cheese and so on. This means that you can choose your plant based on the type of plant as well as the additional gifts.

Festive wreaths

When you are shopping for Christmas plants, you will surely come across wreaths too. These are really practical gifts. Even if the recipient already has a wreath on their door, they can still display another wreath inside their home like on a wall or even hanging in front of a mirror.

Christmas trees

Christmas plants do not need to be very small. You could send a small Christmas tree in a planter. This tree can be set on a table and they are perfect for smaller homes where a larger tree cannot be displayed. This tree grows quite slowly so it can be enjoyed for a few years before it will need to be planted in the garden.

These are just a few of the best Christmas plants that you can send for the holidays this year. Remember that your plant will last for the holidays and beyond, which means that they will provide the recipient with joy for months, at least. In the case of Christmas trees, they can also be decorated in the garden once they become too large to be kept in a planter indoors.

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