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Winter blooms for a memorable wedding
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Winter is far from a dull season when it comes to natural beauty. The key is knowing where to look for this beauty. If you are planning on tying the knot this winter, here are a few amazing winter blooms that will help you set the most romantic mood.


When we think of amaryllis, we usually imagine white or red flowers. These winter blooms are, however, far more diverse than most people realise. For instance, when you pair the pink variety of these flowers with some dusty green foliage, you will create an impeccable winter bouquet.

Hypericum berries

While these might not exactly be winter blooms, they are an excellent addition to bouquets and corsages alike. They add colour, texture and they certainly suit the season.

Sweet peas

If you are looking for winter blooms that will create the ideal dainty bouquet for younger flower girls and other members of the bridal party, you should consider sweet peas. They can easily be bundled together and they are simple yet perfectly beautiful.


There are so many amazing benefits of choosing these winter blooms for your wedding. Not only are they available in various colours, but they are also known for lasting longer than most other cut flowers. You will also find them to be one of the most affordable flowers at your local florist.


The extraordinary and captivating thing about these flowers is the way in which the dark centre contrasts with the white petals. Paired with dark calla lilies and you have yourself the most elegant bridal bouquet.


These winter blooms are often compared with roses. When you hold the two close together, however, you will notice a few significant differences. Mainly the fact that ranunculus flowers are more like a combination of the rose and the peony.


While they might not exactly be winter blooms, roses are considered to be a florist staple. Take Valentine’s Day for example. This romantic occasion calls for flowers that send a message of love. There is no better bloom than the red rose. Similarly, you may want red, white or even pink roses for your winter wedding. Just be sure to ask your florist about availability in advance. They can always import these flowers if they are provided with enough time to do so.

Remember, when creating your bouquets and centrepieces, it’s important to choose the right winter foliage to complement those winter blooms. You can even add seasonal accessories such as pine cones for extra contrast.

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