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Filler flowers and foliage for your bouquet
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When creating or ordering a fresh flower arrangement, there are several elements that need to be considered. These include focus flowers, mass flowers, filler flowers and foliage. Here are some of the top choices of filler materials for your arrangements.


When it comes to foliage, ivy is an excellent choice because of the size, colour and shape of the leaves. The stems can be cut to just about any length needed and they are best suited in horizontal displays. They add fantastic shape and length to the display. Alternatively, they can be used in hanging displays.

Lemon leaf

Another type of foliage that will help your blooms and filler flowers stand out is lemon leaf. They resemble the shape of lemons and they are particularly thick leaves too. Even if you don’t use any other type of foliage, you can still enjoy plenty of greenery thanks to these leaves.


These filler flowers are also known as sea lavender. Their smaller blooms make them perfect as fillers and they are also known for their elegance. They have long, thin stems and they look best in small clusters in the bouquet rather than spread out too thinly.


These are spray flowers which means that there are several flowers on each stem. You will only need a few stems to create the look that you desire. These filler flowers can be added to various types of bouquets, including wreaths.

Baby’s breath

These are some of the smallest filler flowers and, because they are white, they can be included in any arrangement. White suits any colour scheme, including mixed bouquets. They look especially lovely when paired with darker blooms like red roses.


These are larger filler flowers but they still fill up the spaces perfectly. They are also known as Peruvian lilies and they have a stunning exotic appearance. Not to mention their sweet scent.

These are some of the best filler flowers and types of foliage to consider for your next fresh flower arrangement. Don’t forget, when choosing fillers, you should always consider the colour scheme that you want to create and use a colour wheel if you need a visual aid.

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