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Tea party flowers and décor for this summer
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Whether you are able to host a tea party with your extended family or only with your immediate family, you can still make it memorable by taking the time to decorate. Tea party flowers are perfect for adding colour and creating the perfect atmosphere.

Types of flowers

The first thing you want to do is make sure that you select the right types of flowers. Flowers that have a soft texture are ideal. You want the environment to be warm, welcoming and relaxing as well as elegant. Roses are the picture of elegance and they can be paired with daisies and even hydrangeas.

Colours to choose

The colour scheme you choose is also important. Contrasting colours like purple and yellow work really well but you can also include pastel colours like peach, light pink and similar shades. If you choose pastel-coloured bouquets, you can always add a splash of bright colour by adding a handful of darker and more striking blooms.

How to display them

The way in which you display your tea party flowers will depend on your table size. You can choose a single long arrangement or you can display several smaller bouquets along the mid-line of the table. If you like, you can add to the display by creating some smaller arrangements set in teacups. You won’t need many flowers to fill your teacups. Use an uneven number of larger blooms like roses and add fillers in between to keep all of your blooms in position.

Once you have all of your flowers ready, you can start baking. The smell of fresh baked goods is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. This smell will fill your home and make the experience that much better. If you have invited guests, you can spoil your guests even more by giving them each a small arrangement to take home as a keepsake.

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