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Great gifts from toddlers for mum
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Toddlers are at that stage when they want to help more than they can. Toddlers cannot really go out and by a Mother’s Day gift and they cannot cool a three course meal. So, if you are looking for ideas for gifts from toddlers that you can present to mum, you will be happy to know that there are a few.

Include their name

This first idea is simple and easy because all you need to do is include your child’s name on the card attached to the gift. If you like, you can make it a bit more personal but adding their ‘signature’ in the form of a hand print inside the card. Make sure you do this before writing your message. This is a great way of making them feel included and they make great gifts from toddlers to mum.

Handmade card

For toddlers who like to get a little more involved in the card-making and decorating process, you can help them make their very own card. You will need a few basic art supplies and you can include a hand print and even a footprint so mum can remember just how little they were when she looks back after several years. Prices gifts from toddlers are the best way of wishing her Happy Mother’s Day.

Fun flowers

Since flowers are the top gift for this occasion, you might like to include your child or children in this gift too. If you have flowers in the garden, they can help you pick some and place them in a vase. Alternatively, you can help them cut out some flowers and glue them to straws for stem before placing them in a fun vase. There are many ways of decorating paper flowers so feel free to get creative. These are excellent gifts from toddlers because it will allow them to get even more involved.

A helping hand

Not all gifts from toddlers need to be of the paper or cardboard variety. You can have your little one lend a hand in the kitchen when making mum some breakfast. You don’t want them near the stove but they can help you measure and mix ingredients if you’d like to make some pancakes.

These are just a few excellent ideas for gifts from toddlers that mum will adore. No matter how much or how little they help, the fact is that they helped and nobody will appreciate this more than mum herself.

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