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Fun autumn centrepiece ideas
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Who said that autumn has to be boring? This time of year is as colourful as any with some of the most amazing natural red and orange shades ever seen. Sure, the trees might be losing their leaves, but these warm colours can really warm your home. Here are some fun autumn centrepiece ideas to transform your home this season.

Pumpkin delight

Pumpkins are one of the top features in any autumn centrepiece. They are seasonal and they are the perfect colour too. You can use artificial or fresh pumpkins as part of your centrepiece décor to give your home that gorgeous autumn feel. Pumpkins make excellent vases too. Just remember that they might not last all that long once cut. All you need to do is slice off the top and carve a hole in the middle to remove the seeds. Place a vase or jar with water inside the pumpkin and add your flowers. Remember to remove the bouquet after a few days if you still want to use the pumpkin to make some pie, pumpkin soup or another delicious pumpkin dish.

Apples and candles

Whoever thought that apples could be such great candle holders? For this autumn centrepiece idea, you need one apple for every candle you would like to display. Carve a shallow hole in the top of the apple and insert your tea candle. The tea candle is perfect because it has a metal casing so you don’t have to worry about the apple coming into contact with the flame. You can create a cluster of these apple candles and even add something extra like leaves, nuts and similar autumn décor around them.

A touch of indigo

What many people may not realise is just how well contrasting colours look together. Take blue and orange for example. Warm and cool colours contrast one another but they really bring out the brightness in each other too. Since you most likely will not find blue flowers, you can pair these colours by displaying orange blooms like gerbera daisies in a blue vase or adding blue accessories

Some plum

Plum is another colour that you can consider adding to your autumn centrepiece. In this case, you should have no trouble finding blooms in this colour and you can pair them beautifully with cream and orange flowers with some green foliage like eucalyptus.

Some scents too

Our sense of smell is said to be the most powerful of all. So, when you are creating an autumn centrepiece, don’t forget to add some scents. You can add scents such as apple, cinnamon or even citrus if you prefer. This can be done with the help of scented candles or even essential oils.

With all of these great ideas in mind, what are you waiting for? Get creative and make an autumn centrepiece that you and your guests will remember! Don’t be afraid to experiment and try now things.

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