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Wedding flowers that can prove problematic

When planning your big day, one of the most important decisions that you will need to make is regarding the types of wedding flowers you want to decorate the event. It’s not only about the ceremony, but also the reception and other arrangements like the bride’s bouquet. There are a few popular choices when it comes to weddings but there are also some flowers that can prove somewhat tricky. If you are inclined to any of these flowers, it’s best to be prepared.


These gorgeous and abundant-looking blooms are excellent for all occasions. If you are planning on using them as part of your wedding flowers, it’s important to understand their needs. Hydrangeas love water and this means that you need to make sure that they are properly hydrated throughout the event or they will wilt. If you use them in your bridal bouquet, you should keep a vase with water nearby for transporting the bouquet and for when you set it on the table before the bouquet toss.


These flowers are a favourite for several occasions but they are prone to drooping. Their heavy flower heads and delicate petals means that they will not hold up will if there is a lot of wind or even for prolonged periods of time. You can reinforce each stem but this will prove time—consuming and can push flower costs up.


Mums are often included in wedding flowers which is why many people wonder how they could possibly prove problematic. While the flower itself is hardy and they hold up really well, the one downside is the pollen. You might want to keep your chrysanthemum use to a minimum if you have any concerns regarding allergies.


Beautiful thanks to their shape and striking colour, daffodils are best used in centrepieces rather than handheld bouquets. This is due to the fact that these blooms can cause skin irritations which results in itching and a horrible rash. Many people avoid daffodils altogether. Especially if children are invited to the wedding.

Calla lilies

Callas are beautiful because of their colour and shape. They can be used in table arrangements and in handheld bouquets. That said, it’s important to note that these flowers are poisonous if ingested. If children are in attendance, extra care should be taken.

Now that you know about the top problematic wedding flowers, you can prepare accordingly. Remember, roses are the number one choice because they are hardy, beautiful and romantic. Remember to ask your florist about seasonal flowers as well as their professional recommendations.

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