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Fresh flowers myth versus fact
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Fresh flowers make wonderful gifts and they are perfect for brightening up your own home too. When we receive or buy flowers, we want them to last as long as possible. Unfortunately, a fresh flowers myth mistaken for fact can do more harm than good. Here are some of the most common debunked myths.

Sugar for flowers myth

When you place cut flowers in a vase, it is important to follow the appropriate care routine. This applies to their initial arrival as well as ongoing care. Some people suggest adding sugar to the vase water in order to give your flowers a bit of an energy boost. This does make sense but it can also encourage rapid bacterial growth in the water. Bacteria attaches itself to everything below the surface of the water and will eventually cause fresh blooms to perish prematurely. A better option is to add special flower food to your vase. Your florist should stock little satchels with instructions.

Keep them out of the bedroom

Most potted plants absorb carbon dioxide during the day but, at night, this process changes and they actually release carbon dioxide instead. There are some plants that release oxygen during the night but these are exceptions. Many people believe that flowers do something similar. The fact is that flowers do not absorb or release gases at such a rapid rate as a plant. Your beautiful bouquet will in no way disturb your peaceful sleep and, on the plus side, they will provide you with a stunning view every morning.

All flowers cause allergies

Spring allergies are often blamed on pollen and flowers. There are, however, many other allergens that could be to blame such as grass and similar spores. Even if you are allergic to pollen, not all flowers will make your eyes swell and your nose run. There are many flowers with heavy pollen or low amounts of pollen. Some flowers, like certain lilies, can have their pollen removed so that you don’t have to worry about allergies at all.

Seasonal flowers myth

If you have ever thought that the seasons don’t matter when choosing flowers, think again. Flowers, like fruit, are very much seasonal. Yes, your florist will usually keep various top flowers in stock throughout the year. However, this does not make them the best choice. When flowers are in season, they are usually more affordable than when they have to be imported or grown in special conditions. Similarly, they tend to last longer because they are naturally in bloom during this time of year and this means that they enjoy the current weather conditions. Now that you know that this is one of those false fresh flowers myths, you can shop for seasonal flowers in confidence!

No pets allowed

If you have pets and you are worried about buying flowers or a plant, you might think that you can no longer do so. Yes, some plants and flowers are toxic if consumed by the animal. However, there are plenty of flowers and plants that are safe to display in your home. Your pet might like to play with your plants but that’s another story altogether! As far as their health and safety is concerned, you can always ask your florist for their suggestions.

Roses are the only romantic flowers myth

Red roses are seen as the number one romantic flower bouquet.This is why they are often chosen for occasions like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and weddings. They are not your only option, however. This fresh flowers myth is one of the most common of all. Other red flowers like tulips and carnations also make wonderful romantic bouquets. Yellow roses can be sent for friendship and white roses symbolise purity or innocence which make them suited for many occasions, including funerals.

Cacti don’t need water

Cacti are naturally found in arid regions but this does not mean that they never receive rain. These plants have a unique way of retaining water but they cannot survive without any water at all. The best practice is to water your cactus every few days but you should always check the soil before you do. Water even less frequently in the winter when evaporation rates are lower.

With these fresh flowers myths out of the way, you are now free to enjoy and make the most out of every bouquet. By taking proper care of them and displaying your blooms where they will be most appreciated, you enjoy true value for money.

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