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Tips for easy weeding
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Weeding advice

Tips for easy weeding
While some people think of weeding as a tedious task, others quite enjoy spending some time in their garden. If you want your garden to look its best this summer, you will need to prepare the ground. Part of this process includes removing any unwanted plants and weeds. For effective weeding, follow these steps.
Soil inspection
When removing a weed, you need to make sure that you remove the whole plant, including the roots. This is easier said than done if your soil is not ready for the task. When the soil is moist, the roots are easier to remove.
The right technique
Most people use their hands to pull out weeds. If this is your approach, there are a few tricks you should remember. Gardening gloves are an excellent tool since they will allow you to get a good grip on the weed. If you use gloves when planting, you should make sure that they are not the same pair you use when weeding or you could end up spreading the seeds of some of the toughest weeds. When pulling the plant out of the ground, make sure that you grab hold of the stem. You can gently move the weed around as you pull to help loosen the soil around the roots.
The right tools
Tools can help you effectively remove weeds. A trowel or knife is good for breaking up the soil around the weed. Just take care not to cut the roots or you could end up leaving them behind when you remove the weed. Keep a bucket nearby so that you can place the weeds in this bucket before throwing them out. If you lay them on the soil, they can easily spread their seeds.
Focus on the root
There are two main ways of removing weeds. You can pull them out or you can kill them at the root. Boiling water can help kill the roots. All you need to do is carefully pour it over the roots and drench the plant along with the surrounding soil. Take care not to soak any good plants nearby. Salt can also help kill the weed. Sprinkle salt at the bottom of each weed and be patient as this takes a bit of time.
Weed prevention
Once you are rid of those nasty weeds, it’s time to consider a prevention plan. Newspaper or landscape fabric is very effective when it comes to stopping weeds from growing. Place the material over the soil surrounding the rest of your plants and flowers. You might not be able to stop weeds from growing altogether, but it will minimize their growth.

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