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Baby gifts

When you plan on attending a baby shower or when you want to visit a friend who has just had a new baby, you cannot go empty handed. The question so many people have is what to buy? What should you buy for the new boy or girl? Well, as attractive as some novelty gifts might be, it’s good to remember the advantages of the practical approach. Instead of looking for something cute or fun, why not shop for something the baby will really need?

Now, in the beginning, mum and dad often receive plenty of goodies for their newborn. This makes the first couple of months quite easy since they don’t need to worry about buying too much clothing, blankets, and so on. However, as baby grows, so too with they need more and more things. They will grow out of their newborn outfits and soon they will be well within the three to six month size range. So, if you want to be particularly practical, why not buy bigger clothing rather than clothes for the newborn? When you do this, take into account the weather and how it may change in the next few months. There is no point in buying a winter outfit that will only fit during the summer!

Bibs are quite handy but, let’s face it, if baby is going to spit up, it’s not all caught by a tiny bib! This is not usually a problem since babies usually only consume milk for the first few months. So, if you want to keep your eyes on the future, you can look out for some real clothing protectors instead! These are bibs with sleeves and they offer fantastic protection when baby finally gets to enjoy the messy experience of solid foods! Although babies don’t mind wearing their food, mum will definitely appreciate this practical gift!

When it comes to toys, there are several things to consider. Fluffy toys are cute but you need to beware of fuzzy toys. If you buy a stuffed animal, it should be one specifically designed for young babies. Baby will end up chewing on everything – including their toys – so make sure that the fluff does not fall from the toy or it could end up in baby’s mouth, lungs, eyes, and everywhere!

Don’t forget about mum and dad! Baby often gets spoilt but mum and dad are the ones who are really doing all the hard work. Give them a good pat on the back and some much needed emotional support by including something for them too. You might want to avoid alcohol, but there is no reason not to send a pamper hamper, a basket of delicious treats, or even some nutritious fruit. When celebrating the arrival of a new baby, it’s not just about baby – but about the whole family too!

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